Courage to Lose Sight of Shore

You’ve founded a successful company and now you’re looking to grow it. Is a private equity investment the best route to go? Assuming it is, what’s the right timing and how do you find the ideal partner, one whose values and expectations align with yours?

Kelley Powell works every day to grow the portfolio companies of private equity firms, and now, she wants to give you the confidence and clarity to move forward by sharing an honest account of what to expect when you pursue private equity.

Packed with Kelley’s stories and insights, Courage to Lose Sight of Shore will give you a greater understanding of yourself as a leader and your company’s story so you can decide whether private equity is right for you. You’ll also learn how to find the right firm, navigate the process start-to-finish, and scale the business alongside your new partner.

Praise for Courage to Lose Sight of Shore

Kelley provides a trusted set of eyes from someone who has personally been through multiple successful business launches, rounds of financing, and exits to help you rapidly scale.
Nasser Chanda
CEO, Paymerang
A close friend of ParkerGale, a prior senior exec of a successful portfolio company, and a trusted advisor for technology transformation that is optimized for private equity-backed companies, Kelley has a commitment to the entire ecosystem of entrepreneurialism scaling businesses for growth and sharing her skills and experience to invest in others.
Kristina Heinze
Partner, ParkerGale Capital
kwp-adam coffee-2
A true companion resource to The Private Equity Playbook. If there is something holding you close to shore, Kelley will inspire you to have the courage to discover a new ocean and find the right partner to be in the boat with you for the journey.
Adam Coffey
CEO, CoolSys, #1 bestselling author of The Private Equity Playbook
“When you first meet this southern lady with a philanthropic heart and astute business acumen, you will think her positive energy and unassailable work ethic is exhausting and too good to be true. Never doubt her belief and her willingness to work tirelessly for your success. I have seen it firsthand. It has been a joy to watch Kelley also instill future entrepreneurs and founders the same courage and dedication to grow their businesses.”
Bill Royall
Founder of Royall & Company (in loving memory and with deepest gratitude)

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