Looking For Private Equity Investment? Know The Numbers

The only way to get where you want to go and convince someone else to join you on the journey is to understand your data and how you will achieve steady, sustainable growth ahead.

No matter how approachable you think you are, your employees might think differently. And if you are not approachable, your team will not bring valuable information to your attention.

Perfection is never going to happen, so learn to trust yourself and enjoy the journey. Understand your fears, trust yourself, take the leap, and have fun.

While developing one’s ability to negotiate is crucial to overcoming difficult situations, other skills also play a key role in the negotiation process.

Investors needs to know their money is going to a team that knows what they’re doing and is capable of putting that money to good use.

These three lessons can help you to face crises head-on and make it through to the other side.

Your actions tell a story of your values, beliefs and leadership. Business is ultimately about relationships, and relationships require trust.

Happy clients make for a happy business. They not only provide income but also word-of-mouth advertising and references.

Seeking private equity investment is a great way to secure the funds and expertise needed to take your company to the next level.

A private equity partnership brings a lot of change to a company. This change can be scary not only for you as the founder and your employees, but for your clients as well.

As a founder, at some point you will realize you have taken your company as far as you can. If you wish to grow further, you will need a private equity partner.

Businesses tend to make adjustments over time the longer a company operates, but every change doesn’t have to mean shifting every facet of the business.

Returning customers not only keep a consistent revenue stream coming in, but they typically refer others to a business’s product or service, too.

Money is constantly moving around in a business, and to understand your financial health, you’ll need to know the exact amounts of money that are coming in and going out. 

Join Kayo Founder and host, Lindsay Burton, and featured trailblazer Kelley Powell as they discuss how to be a great partner to business owners considering private equity capital.

Powell sits down with ACG Global President and CEO Tom Bohn to share her experience of becoming a published author and what motivated her to write the book. 

In a discussion on her new book, her new book, Kelley gives you a greater understanding of your company’s story and yourself as a leader, so you can decide whether private equity is right for you.

We all give back in different ways, but the result is the same: a rising tide that lifts all boats. When you support young founders, you don’t help just them, but yourself and the community as a whole.

If you mention private equity to the average person, their first thought will likely be negative. They’ll think of an industry that destroys companies in search of the almighty profit, irrespective of who gets in the way. In reality, private equity is an important instrument.

The events of 2020 seemed to catch the entire world by surprise, and there’s no reason to think 2021 will be any different. If entrepreneurs want to survive whatever comes next, they’ll need to start preparing now.

Jon talks with Kelley Powell, CEO of MacLaurin Group, where she specializes in creating partnerships between private equity firms and the portfolio companies they acquire. They discuss the importance of building relationship capital!