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CEO, Author, PE Technology Operating Partner, Angel Investor, Mentor

KELLEY W. POWELL is CEO and Partner of MacLaurin Group, a company providing technology operating partner services to private equity companies. She is an avid mentor, angel investor, and chairwoman for the da Vinci Center for Innovation Angels Advisory Board at VCU. Kelley is a doctoral candidate at St. Thomas University, a guest lecturer in the graduate MBA program at University of Richmond, and a board member of the Richmond chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth.

My Books

You’ve founded a successful company and now you’re looking to grow it. Is a private equity investment the best route to go? Assuming it is, what’s the right timing and how do you find the ideal partner, one whose values and expectations align with yours?

Courage to Lose Sight of Shore: Kelley W. Powell

Kelley Powell works every day to grow the portfolio companies of private equity firms. Her new book, Courage to Lose Sight of Shore, will give you a greater understanding of your company’s story and yourself as a leader, so you can decide whether private equity is right for you. She wants to give you the confidence and clarity to move forward by sharing an honest account of what to expect when you pursue private equity.

You’ll learn how to find the right firm, navigate the process, and scale the business alongside your new partner.

I Imagine a World Without Alzheimers

We are walking in our communities on October 31st in Richmond, Virginia:

From around the world today, 151 Countries and 25,000 AAIC20 attendees are coming together - for global collaboration on advances in Alzheimer's & Dementia Research. Special thank you to our very own Alzheimer's Association Greater Richmond Chapter board member, Dr. shijun zhang, for sharing his, and colleagues at Virginia Commonwealth University, research.

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We are passionate about the growth of business as it relates to data and technology. We are dedicated to providing technical and data expertise for private equity and investment groups for small to mid-market companies.

Questions about Private Equity? Whether you are just starting out or are looking for the best way to grow your business, it is always the right time to figure out those next steps.

Let's talk about what is on your mind. I want to hear from you.

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